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Simply enter the playlist URL into the search bar below to shuffle the playlist. Within a few seconds, your playlist will load and start to play.

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What is playlist randomizer?

Playlist randomizer is a free website used to randomize YouTube and YouTube music playlists.Simply enter the url of the playlist into the search bar and hit enter.The playlist should load and allow you to easily randomize the entire playlist.YouTube only lets users shuffle the first 200 videos in the playlist and the shuffle is not random.Our shuffle is fully random and shuffles the entire playlist.You can also save playlists and go back to them later.Lastly, you get to enjoy the playlists as free and with the device screen off.This gives you a much better experience that YouTube does not offer.

Can you loop a playlist and how?

Yes you can.This website was created to allow people to easily loop youtube and youtube music playlists.Simply enter the playlist url in the search bar and hit the search icon.You can loop any public playlists quickly and easily.Then you should see the playlist load up and start playing.You can choose to reshuffle the playlist, bring it back to the original format or pick the song you want to play.Likewise, you can also see and replay old playlists using the history list below the video player.Simply click a playlist from the history list and it will start playing again.This allows people to easily loop, randomize and enjoy their youtube playlists.

Are there any ads on the playlists?

No there are no ads on any of the songs, nor are there any ads in between the videos.So you get to enjoy the playlist uninterrupted.

Does the randomizer work with the screen turned off?

Yes, you are able to turn off the screen on your device and still have the songs or videos play in the background.This also applies to the loop song toggle.If you choose to toggle a specific song, you can have that song or video playing in the background forever.Likewise, ads are also disabled so you can loop the song or playlist for as long as you want without any distractions or ads.

What does the loop video toggle do?

The loop video toggle is a button which when activated allows you to pause the playlist and only loop the video. While the button is on the current video or song will loop forever. However, if you turn off the button, once the song ends, the current playlist will continue to play. This feature allows people to enjoy the song without having to restart the song over and over again. Additionally, the song does not have any ads on it and will play uninterrupted.

Purpose of the website.

This website was made after seeing how unuseable YouTube playlists were. The first problem was with the shuffle feature. Playlists on youtube only shuffle the first 200 songs, then the rest are just ignored. Likewise, the shuffle was not random and always plays the same songs over again. Lastly, the ads between songs are annoying and distracting. This website was created to combat all those problems. You can loop your favorite playlists ad free and in the background. Likewise, you can randomize the entire playlist and save the playlist to enjoy later. You can also choose to loop a song or video you like. This will pause the playlist and repeat the song until you unpause again.